Our History

Process measurement and control solutions through expertise, experience, and trust

For over 40 years, Thermo-Kinetics Company Limited has been working with our clients to find innovative solutions for process control and measurement challenges in a wide range of industries, and we are recognized as the leader in the Canadian marketplace for temperature sensors and our strong affiliations with leading Instrumentation companies such as Honeywell, LumaSense and BASF, to mention a few.

We have evolved from a company that distributed instrumentation, and we have expanded in the measurement and control of a broad range of process variables. This depth of knowledge and understanding allows us to provide comprehensive solutions, from our manufacturing capabilities to our in-house technical expertise and calibration services.

Our Mission

Providing our customers with comprehensive solutions for diverse applications coupled with the added value of expert assistance, quality products and time sensitivity, while maintaining our high standards and attention to detail.

Core values

  • Our team of outstanding people.
  • High standards of ethics and integrity.
  • Commitment to quality customer service.
  • Solutions-driven hands-on, personal approach to business.

Jeff Dello

Vice President & General Manager

Joining the Thermo-Kinetics team in 1981, Jeff is an experienced veteran in the industry. As a strong leader, he is able to look at any situation, whether it is sales, production or purchasing, and know what needs to be done. Jeff has also been described as customer service-oriented, as is the culture at Thermo-Kinetics. His passion for sales and dealing directly with customers has enabled the business to maintain its hands-on, personal approach.


Peter Dello

Central Region Manager

Peter has been with Thermo-Kinetics since May of 1984. His ability to listen to the customer coupled with his strong industry and product knowledge enables him to bring forth the best solution to an application. In both his managerial role as well as his sales role, Peter focuses on developing relationships with Thermo-Kinetics’ customers and principals. He enjoys the collaborative efforts that lead to the best solution for the customer.

Our People

We know we could not provide the solutions to your applications without our dedicated team of men and women. The relationships we have within the Thermo-Kinetics family are meaningful and enable us to better serve our customers every day. They are the integral piece of the puzzle in developing the successful solutions we achieve. You will find dedicated professionals who are experts in their field and who are eager to provide quality assistance.