(Herculine Electric Actuator Brochure)

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For precise positioning of dampers and valves in process control can help to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and lower cost of ownership. However, not all actuators work the same. The HercuLine from Honeywell are designed for ease of use and long life.

From the primary sensors to the analytical instrument, Honeywell provides a broad portfolio of proven analytical measurement and control solutions to keep your operation running smoothly, efficiently and safely.

HercuLine 2000 Series Electric Actuators

Honeywell’s HercuLine Electric Actuators are engineered for exceptional reliability, accurate positioning, and low maintenance. Designed for very precise positioning of dampers and quarter-turn valves, they perform especially well in extremely demanding environments requiring continuous duty, high reliability, and low maintenance. With non-contact sensing, the maintenance problems and unexpected shutdowns associated with slidewires and potentiometer wear are eliminated.

(Model Selection Guide)

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(Technical Information)

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 HercuLine 10260 Smart Actuators

Honeywell’s Smart actuators incorporate all of the quality and reliability features of the Herculine actuators with the added benefits of microprocessor-based electronics. These benefits make it easier to install, set up and commission the actuator, while allowing you to monitor the health parameters for proactive maintenance planning. Typical applications include furnace pressure dampers, gas/air valves, windbox dampers, and coal mill dampers.

(HercuLine®10260S Model Selection Guide)

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(HercuLine®10260A Model Selection Guide)

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