Analytical & Smart Sensors

Honeywell offers depth of experience and a broad product portfolio in the demanding science of analytical measurements.

From the primary sensors to the analytical instrument, Honeywell provides a broad portfolio of proven analytical measurement and control solutions to keep your operation running smoothly, efficiently and safely.

Smart Sensors

  • Hydrogen Purity Concentration
  • Meredian Glass pH Electrodes
  • High Performance HB Series
  • Durafet pH Electrodes
  • DL5000 Dissolved Oxygen

UDA2182 Series Analyzers
The UDA2182 Series is a versatile, dual or single input analyzer that measures pH, ORP, contacting conductivity and dissolved oxygen. The “mix-and-match” input design offers the user flexibility for a wide range of applications.

  • pH Input
  • Conductivity Input
  • Dissolved Oxygen Input

Gas Analyzers

  • Thermal Conductivity
  • 7866 Digital Thermal Conductivity Analyzer
  • 7872 Gas Sampling System

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