Coke Oven Process Measurement and Control Solutions

Coke ovens are used in the production of coke, a high-carbon fuel used in the steelmaking process. The production of coke in coke ovens involves heating coal to high temperatures in an oxygen-deprived environment to remove impurities and create coke. The process requires precise control and measurement of various parameters to ensure optimal performance and quality. Some of the key process measurement and control solutions used in coke ovens include:

Temperature Measurement:

Temperature measurement is critical in a coke oven to ensure optimal performance and quality. The temperature of the oven must be accurately measured and controlled throughout the process. Various temperature measurement devices such as our Canadian manufactured Thermocouples, Ametek Land Pyrometers and Infrared Sensors are used for this purpose.

Process Monitoring:

Real-time monitoring of various oven parameters such as temperature, gas flow rate, and pressure is essential to ensure optimal performance and prevent any abnormalities or malfunctions. Various Honeywell Analytical Instruments & Smart Sensors and Honeywell Temperature & Process Controllers are used to continuously monitor the process and alert operators in case of any deviations from the desired parameters.


Pressure Measurement:

The pressure inside the coke oven must be carefully controlled to ensure optimal performance and safety. Pressure measurement devices such as Honeywell Pressure Transmitters and Reotemp Pressure Gauges are used to monitor and adjust the pressure inside the oven.

Gas Analysis:

The composition of the gas produced in the coke oven can have a significant impact on the quality of the final product. Crowcon Gas Analysis Systems are used to measure the composition of the oven atmosphere and adjust the gas flow rate to maintain the desired levels of carbon monoxide and other gases.

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