Thermo-Kinetics manufactures Downhole Thermocouples for a variety of applications.

Below is a list of Downhole temperature and pressure measurement capabilities for reservoir monitoring:

  • SAGD Injection and Production Monitoring Systems
  • Cyclical Steam Temperature Observation Systems
  • Multi-Point Observation Well Assemblies
  • Down-Hole Pump Monitoring Thermocouples
  • Casing and Tubing Deployed Observation Assemblies
  • Pump Down, Gravity Feed (Spool-in), Casing and Tubing Conveyed Deployment
  • Thermocouples injected into Coil Tubing
  • Wellbore Pressure Monitoring Systems
  • Bubble Tubes and Piezometers
  • Data Logging and Software Systems

Download our Downhole Thermocouples PDF to learn more.

Downhole Temperature Measurement