Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Discover the OPTIFLUX line of electromagnetic flowmeters from KROHNE

The OPTIFLUX product line comes with a one-of-a-kind diagnostics package that can even look into the process – an intuitive operating concept allows quick start functions for easy start-up. The new virtual reference makes grounding electrodes and expensive grounding rings unnecessary.

The OPTIFLUX family also offers reliable measurement, largely independent of the flow profile. They work in the lowest conductivities and maximum application certainty, even with rapid media changes, pH swings, high solids content and pulsating flow. KROHNE also produces abrasion and corrosion-resistant liners made of high-performance ceramic and even flowmeters with no inlets/outlets requirements.

All KROHNE electromagnetic flowmeters are wet-calibrated in a direct comparison of volumes which is by far the most accurate calibration method.

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