Aerospace Industry

For over 25 years, the Aerospace industry has been an integral part of the mix of products and services of Thermo-Kinetics.

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TK Sensors and Thermocouples

  • At Thermo-Kinetics, we manufacture custom sensors, tooling rakes, and harness and cable assemblies. These are all required to determine critical temperature and pressure measurements in the testing and manufacturing of aircraft and helicopter jet engines.
  • T-PAK® mineral insulated thermocouples are used extensively when accurate fuel, compressor, inlet air, oil, exhaust, and gas temperatures and pressures are required.
  • Our sensors are also crucial in autoclave, atmospheric and vacuum furnaces used in heat treatment, carbon composite curing, plastic thermoforming, paint, and specialty coatings.
  • Secondary suppliers to the aerospace industry use our custom sensors in landing gear, structural components, and heat treating applications, to name a few. We also supply thousands of feet of thermocouple grade and extension grade wire to Aerospace annually, in addition to bulk mineral insulated, metal sheathed thermocouple cable.


TK Service & Expertise

We pride ourselves in the way we work with our oil and gas customers to create products best suited to their needs and specifications. Whether a customer approaches us with a specific design challenge, or our production technicians make cost saving recommendations, our customers count on TK for our superior service and quality manufacturing. We’re flattered some customers have even described our temperature and pressure rakes as pieces of art!


Partnered Solutions for Aerospace

The same customers that need our manufactured sensors, also require instrumentation from the leading manufacturers we represent:

  • Honeywell – controllers (standard & hybrid), recorders (paper & video), transmitters (pressure, flow and level), wireless transmitters, actuators, and analytical instrumentation are used by our aerospace customers to provide the demanding control, documentation and analysis required by the industry.
  • BASF Enclad® precious metal thermocouples and Exactus® infrared thermometers are used by many in the industry as well.
  • Infrared solutions are also provided for furnaces, ovens and kilns to determine process temperatures. Thermal imaging is also used by the industry.
  • Fluke process calibration instrumentation includes a full range of troubleshooting tools and calibrators for instrument technicians working in the aerospace industry.
  • Lenox borescopes are used in manufacturing, repair and overhaul of engines, landing gear and fuselage.


Compliance Standards

  • ISO9001:2015 for over 17 years for sensors manufactured by Thermo-Kinetics.
  • Our Calibration Lab is ISO 17025 accredited- our calibration procedures and methodology have been vetted and approved by independent auditors.
  • When requested by our customers, all materials meet AMS material specifications.
  • Thermo-Kinetics sensors and Honeywell instrumentation assist you in meeting the demands of AMS 2750 and NADCAP requirements.
  • Registered under the Controlled Goods Program of Canada – Registration Certificate No. 22601.

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