Water & Wastewater Industry

With offices across Canada Thermo-Kinetics is able to offer a comprehensive line of products for the Water and Waste Water Industry.

We look at our Customer relationships as a partnership- we don’t simply want to sell you a product. Our breadth goes far beyond that. We have qualified, technical personnel that have many years of experience in many industries, as well as the use of our products in those industries.

Our Customers span from Clean Water Producers to Water Treatment facilities to OEM’s of equipment for the industry as well as large mining projects that include monitoring and control of large tailings ponds.


Manufactured Products
We manufacture custom Thermocouples and RTD’s that can be used to monitor the temperature of your process, or in many cases the equipment that you use to run your process. We also have a complete line of accessories to complement our sensors including extension and instrumentation wire, plugs, jacks and both DIN-Rail and “Hockey” Puck Transmitters.

Many facilities use chemicals to control their process and if there are Hazardous locations in your facility we can manufacture Thermocouples or RTD’s CSA Approved for Class 1, Div. 1, Groups B, C and D. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and our calibration and repair lab is ISO 17025 accredited. What this gives you is the utmost confidence that you will be able to depend on the products you purchase from Thermo-Kinetics.


Partnered Solutions
The same customers that need our manufactured sensors, also require instrumentation from the leading manufacturers we represent:

  • Honeywell offers a comprehensive line of Controllers, Recorders (both Video and Paper types), Pressure Transmitters, Analytical instruments including pH, Conductivity and Dissolved Oxygen to name a few. A complete line of Flow measurement products is also available whether it is using Magnetic, Vortex, Coriolis or Variable Area principles. Honeywell also offers both PLC’s as well as Hybrid Control Systems with all of the associated Software to help our Customers run their processes more efficiently and effectively. We have aligned ourselves with some very capable integrators and we can offer a turnkey package starting from developing the scope or implementing our Customers’ scope if one is already available.
  • The ORCA Bed Level system is just one of the superior products Hawk Measurement offers. Whether it’s Sewage and Waste Water Primary Sedimentation, Blanket Level, Primary, Secondary or Final Clarifiers, RAS Blanket and fluff/ pin floc layer or controlling floc level and clarity of water Hawk has the solution.
  • Krohne brings a multitude of products to market to assist our Customers and their processes. One example is a Magnetic Flow Meter used to measure water flow, as well as dosing applications where iron chloride is added for the elimination of phosphates in the water. We have a solution for Optical measurements for sludge blanket measurement in thickeners, turbidity measurement for monitoring the quality of potable water, radar level measurement for controlling foam removal and more.


Compliance Standards

  • ISO9001:2015 for over 17 years for sensors manufactured by Thermo-Kinetics.
  • Our Calibration Lab is ISO 17025 accredited- our calibration procedures and methodology have been vetted and approved by independent auditors.

Find the products that meet your needs, or contact Thermo-Kinetics to discuss your challenges and let our experts help you to solve them.