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Krohne Flow Measurement Products – Brochure

KROHNE has unique expertise when it comes to flow measurement. Many of their products are considered the standard for many industries. Users around the world benefit from KROHNE innovation:

  • Electromagnetic flowmeters with ceramic liners for highly corrosive media in chlorine chemistry
  • Mass flowmeters with just one straight tube – ideal for highly viscous media and low flow speeds
  • Ultrasonic flowmeters for custody transfer, working according to the time-offlight method
  • Vortex measuring devices with integrated pressure and temperature compensation
  • Variable area flowmeters

KROHNE’S Flow Measurement Products:


Variable Area Flowmeters

For simple and cost-effective flow measurement of gases or liquids without auxiliary power
  • Glass and metal tube purgemeters for low-flow applications <DN15 / ½” and process meters up to DN150 / 6″
  • Optional switches, 4…20mA, HART®, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, Profibus-PA
  • Globally approved for use in hazardous areas and suited for safety related SIL 2 applications

Electromagnetic Flowmeters

For all applications with conductive liquids
  • From basic to demanding flow measurements, incl. custody transfer and safety-related applications (up to SIL 2/3)
  • Designs and liner materials for virtually any application – from potable water to extremely adhesive, abrasive and aggressive liquids
  • Large choice of nominal sizes up to DN3000 / 120″

Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

For all process and custody transfer (CT) applications
  • Mass, volume flow and temperature measurement of liquids and gases, density and concentration measurement of liquids
  • Secure wireless access via Bluetooth®, even in safety-related applications
  • With Entrained Gas Management (EGM™): Maintains operation over a wide range of gas volume fractions, even up to 100%, and complex flow conditions

Ultrasonic Flowmeters

For process and utility applications, energy and custody transfer (CT) measurements
  • Comprehensive portfolio for gases, liquids and steam
  • High temperature and cryogenic versions, variants for high pressure and higher viscosities
  • Various designs: From clamp-on devices to multipath inline flowmeters

Vortex Flowmeters

For utility applications, advanced energy management and Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
  • Sophisticated flowmeters with integrated pressure and temperature compensation and integrated energy calculator for advanced energy measurement
  • Certified for Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
  • Cost-effective and robust devices for harsh process conditions and/or basic applications

Differential Pressure Flowmeters

For a wide range of process applications
  • For volume, mass flow and density measurement of liquids, gases or steam
  • Complete flowmeter assemblies with 3-D linearised differential pressure transmitters, calibration and documentation
  • Compliant with all international standards acc. to ISO 5167 and ASME MFC-3M, PED 2014/68/EU and CE marking

Flow Controllers

Electromagnetic Flow Controllers

For flow indication of conductive media
  • Cost-effective flow monitoring of liquids, pastes and slurries
  • Insertion-type devices with adjustable switching points
  • Also for immersed applications

Mechanical Flow Controllers

For flow indication of conductive and non-conductive liquids
  • Cost-effective mechanical measuring principle
  • No power supply needed
  • Suitable for hazardous environments

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