Level Measurement Products

KROHNE has unique expertise in the field of level measurement technology

Many of Krohne’s products are now considered industrial standards. Today, users benefit from KROHNE innovations: In 1990, Krohne introduced the first process radar device and became the pioneer of using radar level measuring technology in process technology. In 1995, KROHNE also became the forerunner in the field of radar devices based on the TDR principle, using guided electromagnetic pulses. With the introduction of OPTIWAVE and OPTIFLEX in 2004, the market discovered the latest generation of radar and TDR technology.

These devices are characterized by their high accuracy and reliability, even in difficult applications, and by a unique, innovative operating philosophy. A complete series of level switches for liquids and solids and mechanical level meters round out the Krohne level portfolio. Even for challenging applications, e.g. at the highest temperatures and pressures, Krohne offers corresponding customer-specific solutions.

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