Level Measurement

SmartLine Level Transmitters: Taking User Experience and Plant Performance to a Whole New Level

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The SmartLine Guided Level Meters and SmartLine Radar Level Meters accurately measure distance, level, volume, interface and mass in the most demanding applications.

Level Transmitters

SmartLine Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitters

Honeywell’s SmartLine® Guided Radar Level Meters use TDR (Time Delay Reflectometry) to measure distance, level, interface, volume and mass. Higher signal dynamics and a sharper pulse than conventional TDR devices ensure better performance.


  • Displays level and interface
  • Easy navigation using a touch screen without opening the housing
  • Configuration software and DTMs included as standard
  • Optional second current output- used for displaying interface measurements, for example
  • Higher signal dynamics and sharper pulse improve accuracy
SLG 700 SmartLine Guided-Wave Radar Level

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SmartLine Non Contact Radar Level Transmitters

Honeywell’s SmartLine® Non-Contact Radar Level Meter measures distance, level, volume and mass. Based on FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) technology, it provides a more stable measurement than pulse radar and is well suited for agitated process conditions and the most demanding applications.


  • Standard accuracy ±3 mm – depending on the application
  • Reliable measurement in difficult process conditions
  • Operates up to a flange temperature of 200°C (390°F and 40 barg (580psig)
  • Measuring range up to 80m (260ft)
  • Long antenna versions can be extended to suit nozzle length
  • Configuration software and HART DTMs included as standard
  • Optional second current output
  • Direct-accessible graphic touchscreen/wizard (option)
  • Converter rotates 360°
  • Triple barrier gas-tight protection available for working with dangerous gases (using pre-stressed fused glass)
SLN 700 SmartLine Non-Contact Radar Level

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Check out the Smartline Validation Tool here!

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