Smart DGA™

Industry’s most cost-effective online DGA monitors for load tap changers and transformers

SmartDGA™ is the industry’s most cost-effective Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) solution, designed to provide the best user experience and maximum flexibility. It is a “game changer” in monitoring the health of your transformers.

SmartDGA™ addresses three major challenges:

  • Price: most DGA monitors are too expensive to support wide-scale deployment, thus limiting the ability to realize a Smart Grid and true condition-based maintenance.
  • Flexibility: online DGA systems lack flexibility and the ability to accurately identify and mitigate faults.
  • Ease-of-Use: most monitoring technologies are cumbersome to install, maintain and service, leading to a poor overall user experience.

LumaSense SmartDGA™ offers:

  • Continuous online condition monitoring for your load tap changers (LTC)
  • Ability to find coking and other faults
  • Hassle-Free Installation
  • No routine maintenance or calibration
  • No requirement for carrier gas
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Installation on single valve, dual valve or in line with filtration system
  • A unbeatable price with the lowest overall total cost of ownership

The NEW SmartDGA™ Gauge is the industry’s first dedicated online load tap changer (LTC) condition monitor with the ability to monitor ethylene and acetylene to assess LTC health. It offers the best value for online LTC condition monitoring.

The SmartDGA™ Guard provides reliable early warning diagnostics to prevent transformer failures. It measures and reports key gases at half the total cost of ownership of other multi-gas monitors.  Ability to monitor Hydrogen (H2), Carbon monoxide (CO), acetylene (C2H2) and moisture for incipient fault detection.

The SmartDGA™ Guide provides comprehensive online Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) monitoring and diagnostics to prevent transformer failures. It measures and reports all DGA gases at half the cost of other 9 gas DGA monitors. Ability to monitor 9 DGA gases and moisture for comprehensive online DGA monitoring at a fraction of cost of other monitors.  Furthermore, the Guide vastly reduces total cost of ownership due to its differentiated design and installation scheme.


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