Pressure Gauges

Reotemp pressure gauges, manufactured under ISO 9001 quality standards, are available in a wide variety of sizes, ranges, and configurations to meet the demands of any application.

General Specifications
Dials: Aluminum, black figures on white background. Custom dials, logos, etc. are available.

Dial Sizes: 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 3.5”, 4”, 4.5”, and 6” dials are standard.

Pointers: Balanced black aluminum pointers are standard on most models. Adjustable pointers are standard on series PR and PT, and are available on certain other models.

Windows: Glass, plastic, laminated safety, and tempered glass are available.

Cases: Case materials are black steel, stainless steel, phenolic and ABS plastic. Series PC, PD, PH, and PL cases are intended for dry service; all other cases can be filled at the factory, or in the field. Series PT features solid front design, which provides maximum safety with a solid wall between the window and the Bourbon tube. The entire rear of the case is designed to blow out and provide pressure relief should the Bourbon tube fail due to over pressure, corrosion, or fatigue.

Movements: The movement is the heart of the pressure gauge; its function is to accurately position the pointer in response to movement of the Bourbon tube. Reotemp movements are designed for smooth movement, low friction, and minimal play. Reotemp movements use high precision gears and low friction bearings to enhance performance, reduce hysteresis, and provide long-term accuracy and reliability. The effects of vibration on the movement can be reduced by liquid filling of the case, which both dampens movement, and lubricates contact points. For dry gauges, a special silicone dampened movement can be installed.

Bourdon Tubes: To suit a variety of media applications, Reotemp Bourbon tubes are available in phosphor bronze, AISI 316 stainless steel, and monel. If the process fluid is not compatible with any of these materials, a chemical (diaphragm) seal may be necessary. Reotemp Bourbon tubes undergo special heat treating to reduce hysteresis effects, relieving localized stresses in the solder or weld zones and enhancing long-term accuracy of the gauge.

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