Sulphur Recovery Unit Monitoring

E2T Pyrometer Pulsar III Datasheet

From the primary sensors to the analytical instrument, Advanced Energy provides a broad portfolio of proven analytical measurement and control solutions to keep your operation running smoothly, efficiently and safely.

Advanced Energy’s new generation MIKRON E²T Pulsar III combines continuous measurement of gas and refractory temperatures, reporting both readings simultaneously in one instrument.

Complex Processes

Optimal operation of your Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) requires measurement and control of a complex sequence of processes. Of particular importance is control of the reaction furnace temperature to prevent damage to the refractory at high temperatures and ammonium salt from plugging the converters at low temperatures.  Installations that use the reaction furnace to incinerate waste gases like ammonia and hydrocarbons must maintain an adequate temperature to assure their destruction. Advanced processes, such as oxygen enrichment involve even higher temperatures and demand close monitoring.

Temperature Systems

Advanced Energy’s MIKRON E²T products solve your furnace temperature measurement requirements with sophisticated infrared technology. The PULSAR III is designed to measure two wavelengths for continuous and instantaneous measurement of Refractory Temperature (RT), Gas Temperature (GT) and Integrated Temperature (FF) in the vessel, away from the heat, vibration and corrosive gases. The custom mounting hardware allows for visual inspection of combustion processes, refractory cure-out and preventative maintenance while the vessel is fully operational.

The PULSAR III is CSA and ATEX approved for hazardous locations.

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