Maximizing the Lifespan of Type K and Type N Thermocouples: A Guide to Sulphur Exposure Prevention

Temperature measurement is a critical aspect of various industrial applications, demanding reliable and accurate solutions. Type K and Type N thermocouples are commonly employed for this purpose. However, their longevity can be compromised when exposed to sulphur, a prevalent element found in natural gas, lubricating oils, and greases. This blog post explores the reasons behind the degradation of Type K thermocouples and introduces Type N thermocouples as an alternative, offering insights on how to make them last longer.

Temperature Measurement in Extreme Environments: How Thermocouples Excel

Temperature measurement is a crucial aspect of many industrial and scientific processes. In extreme environments, where temperatures can soar to hundreds or plummet to sub-zero levels, choosing the right temperature measurement device is critical. Among the various options available, thermocouples stand out as reliable and versatile sensors capable of excelling in these challenging conditions.

Choosing the Right Temperature Measurement Tool: Thermocouples, RTDs, Fixed Spot Non-Contact Pyrometers, or Portable Non-Contact Pyrometers

Temperature measurement is a fundamental aspect of various industries, from manufacturing to scientific research and beyond. Selecting the most appropriate temperature measurement tool is crucial to obtaining accurate and reliable data for your specific application. In this article, we will guide you on how to determine whether you should use a thermocouple, Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD), fixed spot non-contact pyrometer, or portable non-contact pyrometer based on your specific needs.

Thermocouples and RTDs Ship Quickly from Our Local Facility

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