Is a TR6 Resistance Compensator right for you?

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The TR6 is an electronic compensator that corrects temperature values of long downhole thermocouples (in excess of 400m) prone to errors due to higher loop resistances. The TR6 was developed by Thermo-Kinetics and offers this unique, first of a kind instrument, to the downhole temperature monitoring industry.  Canadian patent is pending.

Most modern surface instrumentation is not manufactured to handle the higher loop resistances inherent in longer length thermocouples. Errors produced typically display a higher temperature than actually exists.  Operators are able to increase output and reduce their steam/oil ratio when true temperatures are available.

Each TR6 will accept 6 Type K* thermocouples. *Other calibrations are available.

It can be connected anywhere in the loop and ultimately outputs 100 ohms no matter what the actual loop resistance is.

U.S. PAT 10,234,335

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