We congratulate Viet Tran on a very happy retirement!

Last week the Thermo-Kinetics family celebrated a very special send-off to a team member who has been with us for 32 years! We congratulate, Viet Tran, our expert assembler, on a very happy retirement! (Pictured on the left side of the Thermo-Kinetics sign)

Viet Tran came to Canada over 40 years ago with the “Vietnamese Boat People.” This refers to the refugees who fled war-ravaged Vietnam by boat and ship following the end of the Vietnam War. Around 110,000 “Boat People” are believed to have fled Vietnam by sea and entered Canada. Many others drowned or were captured, raped, and killed by pirates. The “Boat People” were prepared to risk everything for a better quality of life for themselves and their family.

The Thermo-Kinetics team wants to take a second to honour and highlight Viet’s perseverance and determination. The struggles he faced and the obstacles he overcame are inspiring and we are very grateful to have had him on the team for so many years!