Wireless Solutions

OneWireless™ Solutions help sites tackle critical industrial challenges in the areas of reliability, safety and process efficiency.

The solutions comprise Honeywell’s distributed control system, wireless field instruments, mobile computing devices, wireless networks, advanced applications and facility management applications. The solutions also include Honeywell’s engineering services such as consulting, design, installation, commissioning and support that play a key role in ensuring a turnkey experience that protects users’ wireless investment. If users have a problem, Honeywell has the solution.

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Wireless Transmitters


When the information you need is too difficult or expensive to access, the XYR 5000 Wireless Transmitter is the answer. The XYR 5000 wireless transmitter product line provides customers with innovative and affordable solutions for situations where wiring costs are prohibitive, measurement points are in motion (rotating equipment), or when temporary measurements must be taken. XYR 5000 provides a unique opportunity to offer a high-tech, high-value product portfolio, and positions Honeywell as the first major automation supplier to bring wireless transmitters to the market.

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Accurate, Cost-Effective Process Monitoring
Honeywell’s XYR 6000 transmitter family includes instruments for accurately measuring (sensing, processing and wirelessly transmitting) temperature, gauge pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure, valve position, analog signals, digital inputs and digital outputs. The transmitters break down the barriers to monitoring variables in areas where traditional hard-wired transmitters are too costly, difficult or time consuming to implement. XYR 6000 transmitters are designed for applications with no access to power, that are remote or difficult to access, that require frequent changes in instrumentation schemes, or where manual readings are typically taken.

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